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In Mr. Mills sixth grade class we made a movie called “Miss Behave’s Class”. It had it’s big preview and was probably shown a couple of other times and then dissapeared. Mr. Mills death pretty much sealed the fate of the movie as no one knew where it was. Over the years I have made many attempts to find the movie through Pat Mills and their children, Bill and Nancy, but all to no avail. Earlier this year I received a call from Pat stating that she had found some film in a box while cleaning out the basement. I sent the film out to be converted and you can view the results by clicking the box below. 

When the original film was shown it was narrated by Janet Crane and background music was provided by Gordon “Kingsley” Brown. Alas, Janet is gone and we do not have the script. If anyone would like to try to re-construct it, Kingsley has agreed to provide the background music and we could re-edit the film with narration and music. 

I have also attached a couple of frames from the film where I added the names of the participants. Special thanks to Dave Wolff who’s memory far exceeds mine on these matters. 

Bill Morrison

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